Engineering Services

Accelerat supports companies in the design and development of cyber-physical/embedded systems by providing its strong competences and skills on software technologies.

The engineering services offered by Accelerat include:

Development of embedded software (functionality, bare-metal firmwares, peripheral drivers, OS and hypervisor-level mechanisms, etc.)
Development of real-time Linux applications
Integration of multiple software systems on the same platform to reduce indicators such as cost, energy consumption, communication latencies.
Acceleration of algorithms using hardware acceleration technologies (FPGA, GPU, DSP, etc.)
Performance and design optimization of embedded software


Accelerat is also committed to support customers in analyzing their systems to solve problems and improve exisiting designs.

Our consulting services include:

Systematic end-to-end timing analysis of embedded software
Security/threat analysis to identify attack vectors and assess the level of integrity and confidentiality of embedded software
Profitability analysis for hardware acceleration
Evaluation of isolation capabilities of virtualization/hypervisor solutions

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