Provide cyber-security and resiliency to existing and new cyber-physical systems by adopting innovative technologies

New idea?

We can support you from the design to the test phase

Already in the development phase?

We can accelerate the final rush of the development process, strengthening non-functional requirements

Improvement of existing system?

Accelerat can provide support for problem solving and the development of new functionality

We provide a comprehensive support for the whole System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Preliminary analysis

Feasibility studies with the existing technology solutions (hardware, software, standards, etc.)


Support for defining Non-Functional Requirements: timing behaviour, maximum response time to events, security threats, safety mechanism, etc.


Design of the software architecture (firmware, OS/hypervisor, middleware, framework) as well as selection of the hardware platform to fulfill functional and non-functional requirements


i) firmware and drivers development/integration,
ii) OS and hypervisor-level mechanisms,
ii) real-time Linux/RTOS applications,
iii) communication protocols and interfaces,
iv) hardware acceleration of algorithms (machine learning, computer vision, digital/analog signal processing, crypto, etc.)
v) interface with local-server or cloud-based management software

Integration & Testing

Integration of embedded software modules (to build the complete software stack, from firmware to app) as well as distributed embedded platforms


Integration of new features in production, support for firmware/OS update, as well as bugfixing

Analysis and improvement plan of existing systems



Hardware acceleration

Virtualization solutions