Discover CLARE

CLARE is a hypervisor-centric software stack to simplify the development of next-generation cyber-physical systems using heterogeneous computing platforms and offering a ready-to-use environment for deploying mixed-criticality applications.

CLARE offers:
  • Safety, security, time-predictability, and strong isolation features with cutting-edge mechanisms
  • Platform abstraction and virtualization
  • Built-in support for accelerated computing and machine learning
  • A powerful toolkit to automatically configure and optimize the deployment of applications

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The Company

Accelerat is a spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna focused on software solutions for safe, secure, and predictable cyber-physical systems. The company was born as a technology transfer effort from the ReTiS Laboratory of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, one of the world’s leading research teams in the area of embedded real-time systems.


Accelerat is specialized in the design and development of bare-metal firmwares, peripheral drivers, mechanisms for real-time operating systems, and hypervisors for embedded computing platforms.


Time-predictability &
System-level Cyber-security

Accelerat pioneered the design and development of strong temporal and spatial isolation mechanisms for multicore embedded systems. The company also offers cutting-edge solutions to shield embedded systems from cyber attacks, such as security hardening of firmware, secure boot and cryptographic validation of firmware, embedded data encryption.

edge computing

Accelerat provides solutions and support to accelerate machine learning, computer vision, and cryptographic algorithms on heterogeneous embedded platforms based on FPGAs, GPUs, and application-specific accelerators.